An innovative frontline management course that really works


FASTLEAD is a frontline management course that has revolutionised the way frontline leadership training is delivered.


Designed to appeal to the new learning styles of today’s frontline leaders, FASTLEAD uses a combination of small group coaching “pods”, a uniquely researched 13 topic curriculum, and a comprehensive digital support platform to enable – typically over six months – frontline managers become confident, effective, and inspiring leaders.


HFL, creators of FASTLEAD, has been delivering leadership courses for frontline managers for 25 years. We guarantee results.

Journey inside a FASTLEAD coaching pod

Frontline leaders revel in exploring leadership concepts in small groups aided by professional coaches. Two experienced FASTLEAD coaches take you inside a FASTLEAD coaching pod. Click on the image to watch the video.

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Proven, innovative, a combination of coaching and curriculum, a break through in value-for-money, and appealing to an increasingly millennial frontline management group, FASTLEAD really is different. More ...

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From participants on the program, to their managers, to the professionals who purchases the services, we provide an overview of their overwhelmingly positive feedback on the FASTLEAD program. More ...


  1. How to write personal growth plans: A do-it-yourself guide Kirsty Allen 26-Aug-2016
  2. The Four C's of Difficult Situations Alistair Gordon 14-Jan-2016
  3. The 4 Types of Unconscious Bias Alistair Gordon 04-Dec-2015
  4. The Leadership Pipeline Jennifer Scott 12-Nov-2015
  5. Using GROW to make sensible decisions Alistair Gordon 30-Oct-2015

If you can’t afford a FASTLEAD program, you can certainly afford this little management gem, The A to Z of Leadership Success. There are eye opening pages on how manage: the boss, difficult people, underperformers, friendships, team goals and motivation, and the loneliness and stresses of leadership.


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Download First Time Leader, research insights about the most difficult leadership transition, that from individual contributor to frontline manager.


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