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Why are participants loving FASTLEAD?

Winning frontline management coursesSince 2013, some 250 emerging and frontline leaders have experienced FASTLEAD. So what does this group like about the program? Well, to start with, the small group coaching design was their idea.

What follows are comments from FASTLEAD graduates themselves when asked what they enjoyed most about FASTLEAD. You’ll see participants refer to “pods”, which are the central design (one coach, three frontline leaders in 6 x 2 hour sessions).

Enjoy #1 “Interactive discussions and shared experiences”

Participants love the central reason small coaching groups (“pods”) were designed into this program: they enable interactive discussion and learning from peers.

  • “Being able to bounce problems off other managers within the wider business”
  • “Gives me an opportunity to voice all my issues, opinions and reflect on them with the advice from my fellow pod members”
  • “They open up my thinking to new approaches and techniques”
  • “It was reassuring to hear the stories from colleagues and realise that I was not on my own in this journey”

Enjoy #2 “Directly work related”

Participants love the fact that real work issues and challenges can be discussed privately, and that solutions can be developed and tested. There is nothing “generic” or “theoretical” about FASTLEAD – it is practical news they can use.

  • “The debate with my peers on topics that are current and relevant to us”
  • “I can replay real life scenarios”
  • “The way the team works on real problems together”
  • “I think that the majority of the topics are spot on in terms of what I'm looking to gain out of this course”

Enjoy #3 “Small groups make it personal”

With only three participants in each coaching group, participants tell us it feels personal, and they get personal time with the coach in such a small group.

  • “Being able to work in a small group makes it more enjoyable”
  • “It adds a personal touch, rather than providing a blanket approach to leadership skills”
  • “I like the honesty that happens in a small group”
  • “I feel like it is my pod, something personal, rather than an impersonal workshop”

Enjoy #4 “Episodic”

Participants love that they learn leadership skills one at a time, and over time - rather than cramming multiple topics into a couple of days.

  • “This allowed putting into practice the skills we learnt that week before moving onto the next topic and being able to discuss the outcomes in a post review”
  • “I preferred this as there are many modules and doing these all at once would not have the same impact”
  • “Regular pod meeting once a month is consistent coaching versus a one off information dump”
  • “Refreshing change of pace in an environment that allows us to learn and retain knowledge for use later in our roles”

Overall statements about FASTLEAD

“It’s a very thorough comprehensive leadership program with relevant topics and a lot of good information to learn from. Pod sessions are great. One of the best leadership programs I have attended”

“Coaching is an opportunity to reveal the challenges of leadership and organisational behaviour and discuss ways of navigating through, without fear of exposing flaws.  It's been very helpful to have someone who approaches the discussion impartially and has some tools which can help. In this way, ideas can be explored, examined and rejected.  It's also been a good way to check in with close colleagues and understand them better”

“For me personally I have found great benefit from the coaching sessions and 360…I think it is a great experience to learn additional skills and can also help you mentally prepare for what is ahead in the workforce”

“I have found the FASTLEAD coaching and FASTLEAD coach challenging to my preconceived notions of leading and managing.  This has led to understanding of different approaches, different opinions and different styles, all of which has assisted in my own personal growth”

“These lessons should be taught to all people managers and all direct reports, so we all have a better understanding of how to deal with people professionally”


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Winning frontline management courses

Winning frontline management courses

Winning frontline management courses

Winning frontline management courses