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Leading from the front and middle


Leading from the front and middle is a resource where we provide some of the latest insights from our FASTLEAD coaches and consultants  as a result of the program with the Fastleaders and through the feedback we get from their managers.

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Feeling isolated as a first time leader?

Having worked with over a thousand new frontline leaders, we understand the rollercoaster you’re on. If you’ve recently stepped up into a leadership role, problems are deeper because they’re new and you have little by way of sup more

How to write personal growth plans: A do-it-yourself guide

Critical message: if your personal growth plan (PGP) isn’t close to hand, regularly referred to, and clearly understood by yourself and your manager, your personal growth as an employee and leader is being impaired. Personal growth plan more

The Four C's of Difficult Situations

It doesn’t matter whether it is a difficult situation, a difficult person, a difficult conversation, or even a difficult manager, your ability as an emerging leader to handle the difficult will define your leadership brand. Here’s how to  more

The 4 Types of Unconscious Bias

It is important to recognise and value the diversity and differences that exist within an organisation and to leverage these. Greater inclusion in the workplace has been shown to drive higher engagement levels and performance as well as supporting th more

The Leadership Pipeline

The leadership pipeline explains why we struggle when we change role, particularly in the early months of a promotion. Its lessons help you better understand and manage leadership transitions. Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter and James No more

Using GROW to make sensible decisions

The GROW Model is a widely used tool applied to planning conversations, particularly in the coaching context. It provides a clear and logical structure for the parties in a conversation to explore an issue in a logical order. Increasingly, the FASTLE more

The Translating Strategy Interview

Many organisations have a strategy – owned and known well by the senior leadership. But when it comes to emerging leaders running front line teams, strategy can seem very distant and irrelevant to day to day work. It shouldn’t be. Alignin more

Why sharing mistakes works

So many corporations allow environments to develop where mistakes are seen as a sign of incompetence and an error of judgement can stop a career in its tracks. As a result, mistakes are hidden or blamed on others. Perhaps counter-intuitively, many ve more

Mastering managing up

Critical message: Understanding how your manager gets measured is a critical success factor in managing up well. As a company, we have more than 200 individual leaders – at all levels – enrolled in our coaching programs.  more

Leadership: Is Masculine or Feminine Energy the Key?

During a recent “Women in Leadership” breakfast, we deliberated on whether the best leaders typically display masculine or feminine energy. Interestingly, despite being in a room of over a dozen women, many agreed that they themselves typ more


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