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About HFL

We create and develop leaders

HFL is a specialist leadership development firm. We assist organisations in identifying and developing their leadership culture and capability.


Our vision is to help every leader lead better.


We do this by delivering leadership development initiatives that:


  • Directly link to your organisation’s vision, values, and strategy


  • Produce measurable changes in leadership execution, that elevate organisational results


  • Successfully land back in the organisation, setting up participants to ‘walk-out-working’


  • Involve senior leadership in championing the leadership journeys, and


  • Provide sustainable change and ongoing learning (we don’t do one off events that are quickly forgotten).


From offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Singapore, we operate internationally, completing assignments across Asia and Australasia. We are members of a global network of specialist leadership firms.


Our mission is to be the first choice partner of those charged to lead.


Our point of difference? Staying true to these principles, HFL assists client organisations with defining desired leadership capabilities, assessing existing leadership cohorts (and future ones), and building customised accelerated leadership development journeys for executives and leaders at all levels. We provide post-program support through mentoring and coaching services. We partner with L&D and executive teams to deliver business-savvy blended solutions that deliver enhanced business results.


HFL Values

Clarity – we start with a clearly defined end in mind, and maintain focus on outcomes


Integrity and respect – we take personal responsibility for our actions, and we diplomatically but honestly tell it like it is; we respect those we work with


Collaboration – we work in true partnership with colleagues and clients to find the best solutions to achieve desired outcomes


Creativity and learning – we find opportunities to innovate and learn from every engagement


Accountability – we keep our promises



How HFL works with clients


Our approach is founded on four core beliefs:




  • We believe that every organisation is different, and constantly changing, and that every leadership initiative must necessarily be different; we believe customised solutions provide the most effective outcomes


  • We believe that effective customisation requires us to immerse ourselves in the client’s business and strategy


  • We can prove that customisation does not necessarily mean more expensive


Leader Focused


  • We believe the best way to deliver client value is to focus on outcomes for each leader we work with, helping them lead the best they can


  • We believe that leadership success is achieved through deployment of the desired leadership behaviours, not just through the transfer of knowledge, and that development and progression is about learning new things, but also about leaving things behind


  • We believe a duty of care for individual participants is of paramount importance, understanding that we impact on people’s lives, not just their careers


  • We embrace the individuality of everyone’s learning journey




  • Creation of a lasting, sustainable behavioural change through building in accountability loops, measurement and regular check-ins


  • Contagious “Leadership Multiplier” effect


  • Pragmatic approach to driving real business outcomes


  • Effectiveness is enhanced by allowing consultants access to relevant stakeholders




  • We adopt an options-led approach to building the optimal solution


  • We support key stakeholders in driving results through the business


  • Risk is minimised by “starting small”


  • Honesty means “saying it as it is”, and addressing the real business issues


  • We ask searching and challenging questions to truly understand your business and strategy


  • A good partnership comes from a good “fit”



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